Thursday, 22 September 2011

What does arthritis feel like?

When speaking to people about my arthritis they often ask what does it feel like? I find it hard to describe exactly how arthritis feels to me. It can vary from day to day and depends if I'm having a flair up that day or not.
Some days when my body is feeling stiff and achy I often compare it to having a nagging toothache feeling all the way through my body, often resulting me not wanting anyone to nudge or bump into me for the fear of pain.
I have been asked in the past about 'good days', this annoys me slightly. I cant walk on any day because of my arthritis, so I don't really think that I have a good day with my arthritis.
The worse days often leave me having to lay down because of the pain, often with a flu like feeling sweeping over the whole of my body.

I wish that I could explain better to people what it feels like to have arthritis, it may help the public perception of what it is to live with arthritis. I do feel that as arthritis is difficult to explain, and the extent of the disease can vary from person to person, people often query how bad it really is.

I am really pleased now, more than ever that people talk about arthritis and really bring it to public attention and raise awareness to it.

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Aditya Dey said...

I read your post.....this is vrey useful....My mom is also having same kind of pain.....It will help me for sure......