Monday, 26 September 2011

Is this the truth the coalition govt. wants to ignore regarding the welfare reform bill?

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Is this what the headlines should be reading? We have all heard the fighting speeches from the government, but what is the truth, and how damaging is the welfare reform bill going to be on the most vulnerable in our society? There are far too many risks involved in this bill, all of which gamble with lives of the most vulnerable, often unheard people in our society. Its all well believing what the government says if they are correct, but when it comes to the Welfare Reform Bill, more and more people are questioning it. Surely when such a major reform is being questioned and queried it is time to step back and examine it to see wether it is the righ thing to do. The feeling that me and many other disabled people have is that the government are going to steam roll this through parliment with no care or thought for the people who are going to be gravely affected. Click on the paper to read through the other pages.

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