Monday, 30 January 2012

Healthier Lifestyle Benefits Arthritis

For a number of years now my doctor has been telling me to eat healthier and it could benefit my arthritis. Me being my normal stubborn self ignored this, just putting this advice down to the "healthy lifestyle" campaign that was going on at the time.

This new year I made the decision that I would change my lifestyle in the hope that I might benefit and get some sort of relief from my arthritis. After a bit of research I decided that as well as eating healthier I would also avoid eating red meats as much as possible. I had read a few articles where people claimed that reducing red meat intake would help relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis. I decided to try it for myself, that was a massive decision for my self as every meal I have contains meat, and quite often that was red meat. My plan was to eat healthier, reduce my meat intake and try to avoid red meat altogether.

In all honesty I was very sceptical to say the least, but have had a very nice surprise. Since I started I have had all the benefits of a healthy diet like a bit more energy and feeling a bit perkier etc, but my biggest surprise is that I feel my arthritis is under more control. Although the pains are still there my flare ups are far less frequent than what they were. I'm not sure if it can be put down to cutting the red meat out or just the  benefits of a healthier lifestyle, but I can honestly say that it is working for me.

I would to here if anyone has any other things they feel has helped their arthritis as I am now very open minded to try other things now.