Sunday, 25 September 2011

Not another flare up!

This week has really tired me out, my arthritis has really attacked me, all week its been flare up after flare up. Arthritis flare ups can happen at anytime, sometimes you know one is on its way, sometimes you don't. Explaining to someone that you need to change your plans for that because your flare up can be hard, often people question is it really happening because they might not be able to see the swollen joints etc. That is one of the problems with arthritis, it is silent, people cant see it so they automatically question is it really there!

I cant predict how each flare up is going to feel, I have bad ones and not so bad ones. It can be hard to get myself comfortable during a flare up, what helps one time may not help through the next flare up.

Sometimes a flare up can be so painful it leaves me tired and fatigued, when I feel like this it can be best for me to relax, and try and let it pass. Other times gentle exercise in my joints can help keep the pain under control.

These flare ups are often misunderstood by people without arthritis, but for those with arthritis, its a way of life. These flare ups are unpredictable and yet another hurdle in life that arthritis throws at us. I hope that through awareness people become aware of these other side effects of arthritis and try and understand that arthritis is harsh and often unpredictable.

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