Thursday, 29 September 2011

Having to shout about being disabled to be heard.

When I first started having mobility problems, I had the full range of emotion to go alongside it. I felt angry it was happening, frustrated that I couldn't do things I used and even felt embarrassed that I wasn't seen as "normal" anymore. It took me several years to become more comfortable with the fact that I was a wheelchair user. I have always tried to get on with my life, without causing a fuss or bothering people. At times I made life harder for myself than it need to be, simply because I didn't like asking for help in case people thought that I was a nuisance.

Recently thanks to the coalition government planned cuts, services around me are weary at committing to helping due to worry about funds. To get some help now I have had to actively chase up and even pester people and departments to make sure they don't forget that I exist!

Even more worrying is the planned cuts to the disability benefits, it is sad seeing and hearing disabled people
scared about the future. We are lucky in this modern age through the social media etc, that people are standing up and shouting for the lives of these people.

I don't know if these concerns that people are expressing are all in vain, sadly  I think it may be. What I do know is that I'm very very proud of these people who are passionate enough to stand up and fight for everyone who is being affected in these cruel cuts.

Its just sad that people are having to get worried about these cuts, its really unfair to put this on people who have already got huge challenges in life. I always thought the governments would protect the vulnerable people but at the moment it just seems as though they are cannon fodder for David Cameron, Nick Clegg and this Government.

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Wren said...

Hi, Grumpy,
I found your blog via Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy's blog. Welcome to the RA blogosphere! This small, international community is empathetic, supportive and frequently funny--just what we need sometimes to get through the day. I've found writing about my RA very cathartic, and I've learned a great deal about it and myself while creating posts. Making online friends who understand and genuinely care makes a big difference, too. So, once again, welcome.

The worldwide economic crash has terribly affected those of us with chronic pain and disability. Our federal and state governments here in the U.S. are also cutting aid to the handicapped and disabled, depriving those of us who depend on them of small funds and minimal help first. And as in the UK, our government seems to be trying to influence our fellow citizens to see us as leeching moochers, as if we WANT to be disabled or are faking it for the money. Sigh. They don't realize how easily and suddenly they might find themselves in the same situation, coping with daily debilitating pain and disability that could make them unable to work.

I hope you'll keep blogging. I'm looking forward to reading more. Here's wishing you a break from pain and much joy with your family and friends.