Wednesday, 12 October 2011

12th October is World Arthritis Day

Today is World Arthritis Day,  it encourages people to spread the word about this silent disease which can attack anyone. Such is the lack of knowledge about arthritis in the the general, most people think it only affects elderly people as well as vastly misjudge the affects the disease can have on a person and their life. Little  Everyone has heard of arthritis yet very few really understand how devastating disease it can be. My arthritis is so severe that I have to use a wheelchair, yet many people still think arthritis is just an ache or pain. This kind of attitude and misconceptions of arthritis can result in people who have the disease can have difficulties getting help and services to ensure life can run as smooth as possible.

I really would like to see arthritis more commonly spoken about, so that people can understand what arthritis is rather than believe myths that undermine what it is like to live with arthritis. I have lost count at the amounts of time people have been shocked that my arthritis started at the age of 21, only to be shocked  further when I tell them my 2 year old daughter suffers from juvenile arthritis. When my daughter starts school we are hoping that this may raise parents awareness to children suffering from arthritis, we would be more than happy to explain her condition so people can understand more rather than think of her as a grizzly, moody child.

People really need to hear more about arthritis and events like World Arthritis Day is an excellent idea. I really hope that days like this can gather momentum and really be a benefit to sufferers and their families all over the world.

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